We are one of the biggest distributor of LPG and CNG systems, operating since 1990.

In continous sale, wholesale and retail, we have LPG/CNG systems of the best worldwide producers like: AC STAG, Tomasetto, AEB, FARO, VALTEK, GZWM, KME, Czaja, Zavoli, Lovato, LANDI RENZO, ALEX, PRINS, OMB, LPGTECH, Semperit, FAGUMIT, OMVL and many more.

For our clients we provide huge range of products, technical consultancy, competitive prices and delivery to almost every place in world.

We kindly invite to cooperation every contractors working in LPG/CNG industry.

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e-mail: malgorzata.zawistowska@zamel.com.pl
tel.: +48 603 130 669

e-mail: mateusz.koprianiuk@zamel.com.pl
tel.: +48 725 025 925

e-mail: fernando.latorre@zamel.com.pl
tel.: +48 695 599 388

e-mail: export@zamel.com.pl
tel.: +48 609 012 196

We are also on WhatsApp and Viber!

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